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To achieve a comprehensive transformation, we need to emphasize the importance of educating parents, youth and children. Sadly when there is poverty, it is difficult to see the benefits of studying and an education.


Extreme Rescues is strengthening the area of ​​education through the its sponsorship program, providing school supplies and offering education to parents, youth and children. Through village transformation projects, we are strengthening education by building educational facilities and making improvements to existing schools.


Children and young people under our “Foster Care” program receive free education and have the opportunity to graduate and obtain a technical degree from Liberty University, the school located within the Hope of Life base. 


Your financial contribution helps us provide scholarships to children and youth from villages who have great desire to study, but cannot cover their costs for uniforms, books, study materials and tuition.


  • $ 850 is an annual scholarship for a high school child

  • $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 is funded to make improvements to an existing school


Costs to build an educational campus, contact the offices of Extreme Rescue (714)265-0400

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