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Puertas de Amor A.C.
Baja California, México



Strengthen communities in poverty, providing them with love, hope and tools for a better future.

Support them with a home for children, young people, abused women and abandoned elderly. Provide community assistance to families living in surrounding areas with social education for men, women, youth and children. 

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About us

The Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association,
a non-profit organization that has served Latin America for 50 years.

In 2012, we began humanitarian work through Extreme Rescue, helping communities in Central America. Our offices are located in the City of Santa Ana, California, USA

Now we extend to Mexico!


How will we do it?

Smiling Teens

Home for children and young people 

House boys, girls and youth without parents, or coming out of a home of substance or physical abuse; provide food, medical assistance, education, securities, social and sports programs. 

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Nursing Home for the Elderly

Provide help to elderly abandoned or rescued from abuse, providing them with housing, food and social programs that add value to their lives. 


Domestic Abuse

Temporary housing with immediate assistance, so that they can find the strength to get ahead, find employment and housing.


Community Assistance

Offer community families social education.  

Note: These will be developed by projects and communities on the waiting list.


Among the topics to be taught:

  • Mental health

  • Domestic abuse

  • Sexual abuse healing

  • Importance of academic education

  • Strengthening the marriage 

  • Parenting classes

  • Classes for teenagers and their future

Note: These will be developed by projects and communities on the waiting list.

Where will we do it?

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Construction Pre-Planning

Establishment of the Center

We are in the process of raising funds, to begin the construction of the Center. Among what we want to develop is the following: 

Image by Gabriel Alenius
Image by Aubrey Odom-Mabey
Image by Elias Morr

Living Accommodations

For people who will be in our program



Nursing Station 

Common area

Outdoors, with gardens, trees and a fountain.  



To teach the community

Vegetable garden

A farming space where children can learn about agriculture, plant care and harvesting; cook and eat the fruit of their labor. 

Rooms for volunteer groups and missionary groups


Administrative offices

Conference Center  


Parking lot  


Note: All facilities will be for the exclusive use of people who are actively participating in our program. 


Nasheli López Guarneros 

Coordinator and Coalition of Extreme Rescue

and "Puertas de Amor"


Saraí Ciprés 

Administrator of

"Puertas de Amor"

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