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Your monthly donation of $30 dollars sponsors a child providing: food, footwear, medical care, educational supplies and a Christian formation.
Sponsoring a Child is one of the most powerful opportunities that offers a new future. 
In impoverished rural communities, things like contaminated water, lack of medical access, lack of food and malnutrition is what robs a healthy and hopeful future for a child. These communities are fighting against poverty and children are often the ones who suffer the most.
The Child Sponsorship Program also provides a place of refuge for those who have no family, or those who have been rescued from abusive families.
Our orphanage provides access to a quality education, nutritious meals, biblical teaching, spiritual development, hope for a future free from the chains of poverty, and the love and care of a committed team.
You can sponsor a child with $ 30 a month, or a one-time payment of $ 360 per year.


Start your sponsorship by choosing your payment method in the section below.

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