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About us

The Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association

"If we want to fully preach Jesus Christ, we have to attend to the needs of the poor."

For more than 50 years we have served the Lord through the Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association. We continue to do so intensely through Crusades, Radio, Television and the Alberto Mottesi University.


Our hands are extended with Extreme Rescues in Humanitarian Aid.

The vision is to serve the spiritual, physical and educational needs of impoverished people. The Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association has made a strategic alliance with Hope of Life, Internacional, to work in the communities within the “Dry Corridor” in Zacapa, Guatemala. We are now close to opening a shelter for homeless children, battered women, and abandoned elderly people in Rosarito, Mexico.


Extreme Rescues, responds to the cry of the poor, the sick, the homeless and we serve them with outstretched hands. Through Hope of Life we are able to feed many people through 78 feeding centers, take care of countless orphans and hundreds of elderly people, rescue children from the brink of death, provide housing for the homeless and provide a first class education to hundreds of poor children. Every day, we are feeding 35,000 children in Guatemala

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