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Is my donation tax deductible?

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. All your general donations or sponsorships are tax deductible. Your monthly receipts can be used for the IRS (tax return). Write to or call the office if you need assistance.

When can a  financial transaction be declined?

  • When changing to a new card

  • When changing the expiration date

  • When changing banks

  • When closing your bank account

  • When your bank suspends card transactions for some process.


If there has been no change to your account:

  • make sure you submitted all your information correctly

  • Please try to submit your donation again by closing the form completely and opening it again.

  • try using another credit card


Please consult us with any questions you may have regarding your account before contacting the bank.

How can I finance a sponsorship?

The sponsorship is a monthly donation using a bank account or credit card. A monthly subscription is created that is automatically taken on the day you choose.

Is it necessary to update my data ?

If you make any changes to personal information, please contact our offices to update them. Active communication with our sponsors is essential.

How I can discontinue a sponsorship?

When canceling a sponsorship, please call our offices or write to us by email: or call our offices at 714-265-0400, ext 231

What can I send to the child I sponsor?

  • Letters, photos of your family, birthday card

  • Clothes, shoes, hats, socks

  • Small toys, coloring books

  • Backpack, school supplies, bookmarks

  • Body soap, paste, or toothbrushes

  • Hair brush, accessories.


Please do not send: Shampoo, candles, products that perish, fragile items.

How I can send mail or deliver an item to the child I sponsor?

You can send your correspondence or articles to: PO BOX 3039, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Remember to include your name, the child's name and the child's identification number

Will there be any communication with the child I sponsor?

In the middle of the year you will receive an annual report of the child, it includes a photograph and update of the child's information so that you can see their development. At the end of the year you will receive a Christmas card from your child.

How do I visit the child I sponsor?

If you make a trip to Guatemala and want to visit the child, we need to make an appointment at the base. The child needs to be transported from the village where he lives and some villages are far away. Coordination of the visit with time is essential.

What does a sponsorship provide ?

  • Food (food to be prepared) 

  • Medical check-up 2 times a year, if necessary vaccines, vitamins and nutritional supplement *.

  • Education receive school supplies at the beginning of the school year.


Food and medical check-ups also cover part of the immediate family's needs, for that reason

each child has 2 sponsors to cover their family. Your monthly contribution is strengthening a community!

What are the reasons children sometimes drop out of the sponsorship program?

  • At the end of his secondary studies (9th Grade).

  • When they stop studying.

  • Parents make the decision to move to a community or province in search of better possibilities for their family.

  • Sadly also if the child passes away, the sponsor is informed.

How do you inform us that the child you were sponsoring left the sponsorship program?

Our system automatically assigns a new child and we proceed to notify the sponsor with a phone call, if we are unable to be contacted, we write to them by mail or email. If the sponsor no longer wishes to continue sponsoring a new child, he / she needs to request it by contacting us by phone or email.

How can I participate in a Mision Trip?

Go to the Mission Trips page for information about our next trip.

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