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Why Mission Trips?

God's purpose for our lives is much more than a mission Trip, but we know that for many, living that purpose begins with a mission trip.
Mission trips connect people with what God is doing around the world. We should all be part of that but many times the endless distractions, daily occupations and, if we are honest, our own comfort, has locked us in our own world. Jesus intended our lives to be fueled by love and service to others. Mission trips offer you the opportunity to put love and service to others into practice.
Extreme Rescues is dedicated to transforming the lives of the poor and dignifying their humanity, providing them with the resources that meet their basic needs (food, clothing, housing and an education). You can do the same by attending a mission trip serving alongside our team.
Mission trips invite travelers to participate in God's plan full time. This often changes perspectives, creates new passion, and transforms priorities. Open the traveler's eyes to the incredible possibilities that God has placed before them.
In conclusion: we believe that each person should experience a missionary journey that values relationships, respects communities, and connects the hands of service with the heart of Jesus. Time and again we see quality mission trip experiences that show people how to use their lives to better love and value others. The final purpose is not only to participate in a missionary trip but to find the opportunity to love and serve the people that God puts in your path. A mission trip is a launching pad that equips and encourages you to go home and love the communities you are part of each day. 
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