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Feeding the hungry

In Guatemala, 49.9% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition, this is 1 in 2 children under 5 years of age. Consequently, the infant mortality rate is 3.4%. Guatemala ranks first in child malnutrition in Latin America and sixth in the world.   


The municipalities of the Dry Corridor in Guatemala are the most affected by the shortage of food, this is the result of the lack of basic grain reserves of the farmers, and unemployment. In this situation the most affected are children.


Additionally, when natural disasters occur, such as the last hurricanes and the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, the number of malnutrition triples.


$ 25 dollars , provides food for a family

$ 2,500 , provides food for a village with 100 families

$ 7,500 , provides food for a village of 300 families

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