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On the way to making a dream come true

It all started with the dream of a young man wanting to see hundreds of young people training and playing soccer. We look forward to seeing young boys and girls motivated to playing sports.


This field will be also used for community events.


This project consists of 3 stages. Thanks to our donors we have managed to complete 2 of them. 



  1. Irrigation of the land - Clean and flatten the land, grade the field to handle rain water.

  2. Lay the grass on the field

  3. Set up grandstands, seats and hire full-time coaches

Apply your donation to "Zacapa, Guatemala Project"
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Your contribution is
essential to see this dream come true!
Your donation will help change the life of a child through the Field of Hope
For more information on this project call 714.265.0400 USA - Extreme Rescue Department or write to
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